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In brief:

  • Excellent construction quality (guaranteed clear PMMA, no leakage, FW or SW)
  • High output (strain/protocol specific, e.g. 1 bn cells/ml; > 5 g dw/L for Chlorella sp.)
  • Easy handling (movable, easy to reach top, cleaning, filling, harvesting)
  • Customised set-up (pH/T monitor; CO2 control; T control; tailored illumination bank)
  • Customized cultivation process (tailored cultivation protocol/training, after sales monitoring)
  • Warranty: 10 years for PMMA, 5 years for support structures, 2 years for instruments

Our current standard PMMA designs for hatcheries, Spirulina or other applications include:

Microphykos 150 L

Microphykos 25 L

In customised designs the Microphykos unit could extent to practically any length suiting designs for large algae farms.

Microphycos also develops PBRs made of LDPH with same design but lighter and cheaper on one hand, and less robust and of shorter life-span (2-3 years) on the other. Productivities are comparable with the PMMA units while cleaning is as easy following a special protocol.

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