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PHONE: +30 2109218749 / +306974712590EMAIL: info@microphykos.com


Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis,

Algae culture & technology expert
Founder of MicroPhykos

Dr. Ioannis Tzovenis (BSc. Biology, Athens University; PhD aquaculture Gent University) has since 1987 an extensive experience in algae biology and technology both from former academic positions (TEI of Epirus, University of Athens) and from the aquaculture and algae industry (Greece and abroad).


Dr. Dimitrios Negas

Industrial engineer
Process design & Construction

Dr. Dimitrios Negas (architect-industrial designer BSc, MSc, PhD Newcastle University) has extensive expertise and experience in industrial design and constructions of aquatics, water architecture and special projects both from former academic positions (U Aegean) and from private companies (Greece and abroad). He is the founder and general manager of Kelyphos Innovative Design Solutions.


Dr. Dimitrios Hatzinikolaou

Chemical engineer,
Process management & Automation

Dr. Dimitrios Hatzinikolaou (BSc chemical engineering NTUA, MSc U Michigan, PhD NTUA) has extensive expertise in biochemical engineering and process automation. He holds an academic position in UA and has working experience in water analysis and process automation since 1997.


Dr. Sophia Papadaki

Chemical engineer
Downstream process expert

Dr. Sofia Papadaki (BSc Chemical engineering, MSc, PhD  NTUA) has extensive expertise in biomass processing and algae bio-refinery techniques.


Mrs. Georgia Seretidou

Aquaculture engineer
Hatchery technology specialist

Mrs. Georgia Seretidou (BSc Aquaculture engineering UTHES, MSc Oceanography NKUA) has expertise and work experience in fish hatcheries, fish grow-out units, Spirulina marketing & sales.


Mr. Konstantin Kalogranas

Sales & project development

Mr Konstantin Kalogranas (BSc Ichthyology TEIEP, MSc Aquaculture AUA) has expertise in fish aquaculture and working experience in agriculture and aquaculture consulting for project development and management

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