Algae Products

Algae Farms

Algae Farms Microphykos with its new photobioreactor design for large algae farms made of practically infinitely expandable LDPE has developed business plans for microalgae production in large scale pertaining to:

  • Marine phytoplankton farming for concentrated live product meant for hatchery applications
  • Spirulina mega farming

Natural Extracts

Microphykos has developed protocols for clients pertaining to:
  • cosmetic extracts from marine phytoplankton and Spirulina,
  • phycocyanin extracts of various purities from Spirulina
  • b-carotene from Dunaliella
  • natural products from red macroalgae


Microphykos has experience in projects in Greece and Eastern Mediterranean and has deployed small PBR and small pond units installed in pilot plants for biodiesel in Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Egypt, Malta and South Italy.