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Microphykos provides upon request tailor-made aquaculture and algae farm automations for parameter measurements (pH, Temperature, ORP, salinity, conductivity, light, ozon, chlorine, weather data etc.) and corresponding system response (CO2 supply, DO supply, continuous culture, density harvesting, etc.

Microphykos partner for automation and water measurements is Kuntze Instruments GmbH (Germany) a highly acclaimed precision instrument manufacturer of industrial purpose electrodes (most hand-made). Its Zirkon™ pH electrodes are well known to withstand long periods submerged into saline waters working continuously with minimal maintenance. Neon™ touch controllers are leading edge measurement and control instruments with a range of functions tailored according to applications, guaranteed for long-lasting performance in IP56 protecting cases.

Microphykos’ expert technicians led by Dr. D. Hatzinikolaou designs, assembles, tests and services the suitable combination of instruments for each client’s case. All instruments for applications not provided by Kuntze (DO, photon flux/illumination density, weather data logging etc.) are selected from highly acclaimed companies in an effort to offer best money for value input.

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